Good day valued customer. To speed up the process of development on our side, we have created the below guidelines when requesting a quote on new parts. Following these guidelines will be greatly appreciated as it will make it quicker and easier to get a quote out to yourselves.

If you have any other information on the part you are looking to obtain a quote on, please feel to add this information, as any information can be helpful in expediting your request for quotation.

Most importantly, a photo of the harness next to a ruler is required. With this photo we can determine the length of any component on the harness which will speed up the design process.

If a harness has a housing/connector, we require an isometric view of the connector as well as an up-close photo of any logos or numbers on the connector.

When a harness has a moulded-on connector/encapsulation, it is essential that we receive the overall dimensions of this encapsulation.

If a harness has a tab terminal visible, a photo showing the tab width is essential.

We will also need the insulator width and/or conductor width.

A close-up photo showing the wire plugging is essential. If a connector has more than 2 poles, an up-close shot of the wires showing clearly into which cavity they go is required.

*Please note

Alternatively, if you are unable to provide photos, please provide us with as much of the above information on a drawing. This drawing will not need to be to scale; however as long as the information is clear and complete we will be able to complete the quotation quickly.